The racing series

In 2008 the “Formel Historic” was included in the concept of the Histo Cup. There were a lot of “old” monoposto racing cars in the garages and barns. They had to be activated! The historic Formula Vau with Austrian roots, the historic formula Ford and the historical Formula 3 up to the year 1988 are announced.

Especially the formula Vau – based on the VW beetle – with “Austro Vau” and above all with the “Kaimann” Formula racing cars by Kurt Bergmann have written history worldwide. Jochen Rindt and Niki Lauda, as well as Dieter Quester and many other motorsport figures, piloted a “Formula Vau”.

The Formula Ford was no less successful and was equipped with a 1600-liter 4-cylinder Ford Kent engine, which produced 135 hp. Virtually all sizes of motorsports have started with such a formula racing car. Ayrton Senna, Gerhard Berger and Alain Prost are just a few of them.

The next class was once the Formula 3, also fired with 4-cylinder engines, initially with 1600cc and then with 2 liters displacement and Air Restrictors. These racing cars were once moved by many later world champions across Europe.

Further Details

The historical formula scene has developed very well in recent years. Around 40 Formula vehicles thrill the fans with great races and exciting position fights.

In 2012 sports cars of the type “Sports 2000” have been added to the classic Formula racing cars. These small – with 2 liter Ford series – sports cars perfectly round off the field of historic racing cars.

The formula cars are divided into “Formula Historic” until 1988 and “Formula Young” until 1999.

Previous winners

2009Sami HamidPragPRS, Formel Ford 1600
2010Rainer SchremsWienPRS, Formel Ford 1600
2011Winfried KallingerWienMerlyn, Formel Ford 1600
2012Richard GrafingerNiederösterreichLotus 51, Formel Ford 1600
2013Robert StefanNiederösterreichDallara Formel 3
2014Peter SikströmSchwedenVan Diemen, Formel Ford 1600
2015Roland WiltscheggWienRalt RT 1 Formel 3
2016Roland WiltscheggWienRalt RT 1 Formel 3
2017Philipp ThielNiederösterreichVan Diemen FF1600
2018Peter PeckaryNiederösterreichDallara Formel 3
2019Dieter SchwarzVorarlbergOpel Lotus
2020Peter HindererMünchenFormel Ford Lotus 51/3