The Challenge

Brand cups have a very special status and a great tradition in the world of motorsport. The foundation of a “classic” brand cup was the logical development of the Histo Cup.

As early as 2005, four BMW 325i of the “E 30” model series were in use in the Young Timers. The young men delivered very refreshing and hard-hitting duels. The result was the most successful historical brand cup in Europe.

Held for the first time in 2006 with a sensational 30 participants, the BMW 325 Challenge is still a fixed and very successful part of the Histo Cup organisation today.

Technical details

“Hankook” brand slick tyres and the strictly controlled regulations guarantee motorsport at the highest level. Due to the closeness to series production of the racing cars, the costs for the use have remained affordable. A great chance for young drivers to compete with the experienced drivers.

The driving level has developed magnificently, even “professionals” have to make an effort to keep up with the established Challenge drivers. The vehicles all have a height-adjustable racing chassis, the weight is fixed at 1050 kg including driver.

Further details and youth

For the engine there is a unit camshaft and unit piston. The control unit may be revised or adapted. The engines deliver with 2500ccm and the Remus racing exhaust system about 225 HP.

Since 2018 there is also the BMW E 30 Cup to promote youth, which is announced according to the “old” Group N regulations of the Challenge. Here only series camshafts and series pistons may be used.

previous winners BMW 325 Challenge Group N

2006Dietmar LackingerNiederösterreichBMW 325i
2007 Herbert Leitner jun.Salzburg BMW 325i
2008Markus EckerstorferOberösterreichBMW 325i
2009Markus EckerstorferOberösterreich BMW 325i
2010Marco KleinGraz BMW 325i
2011Sascha HalekWien BMW 325i
2012Christian WalleitBayern BMW 325i
2013Dietmar LackingerNiederösterreich BMW 325i
2014Georg Steffny/C.WalleitSalzburg/Bayern BMW 325i
2015Luca RettenbacherSalzburg BMW 325i
2016 Gottfried PilzOberösterreich BMW 325i
2017 Jakob SchoberSalzburg BMW 325i
2018 Tobias WeichenbergerSalzburg BMW 325i
2019 Tobias WeichenbergerSalzburg BMW 325i
2020Lando Graf on WedelFrankfurt am MainBMW 325i

previous winners BMW E 30 Cup

2018Natalie HorvathSalzburgBMW 325i
2019Franz Josef StopperSteiermark BMW 325i
2020Gerhard WeissSalzburgBMW 325i

Winner BMW 325 Challenge Group A (until 2012)

2006 Michael HollerwegerOberösterreichBMW 325i 2,7
2007Dietmar LackingerNiederösterreichBMW 325i 2,7
2008 Dietmar LackingerNiederösterreichBMW 325i 2,7
2009 Michael HollerwegerOberösterreichBMW 325i 2,7
2010 Dietmar LackingerNiederösterreichBMW 325i 2,7
2011 Dietmar LackingerNiederösterreichBMW 325i 2,7
2012 Georg SteffnySalzburgBMW 325i 2,7