An automobile with more than 20 years at the hump is usually more than “scrap iron” and is usually already on the way to the relentless scrap press.


The exceptions confirm this rule very impressively. Many enthusiasts restore, nourish and cherish their cars and the daring guys moving these oldies with eye-catching driftwinkles and smoking tires on the racetracks in Austria and the neighboring countries – much to the delight of the interested public. Who does not like to remember the famous times when Jochen Rindt, Niki Lauda, Josef Schnitzer, “Strietzel” Stuck and Rauno Aaltonen with cars, which were otherwise seen in normal traffic, bravely fought for the victories in touring cars. Not forgetting also the Haudegen like Franz Sahl, Hans Fink and Gerhard Berger, the emperors of the Ford Mexico and Alfasud Cups.

The cars of the 60s and 70s, in particular, create a special memory and emotions in many people. People who had already had the chance to drive such a car “race”, or those who were piloted to the many racing events, or who have operated such a vehicle only in their daily lives, now resurrect the past.

These old cars are very high in the favor of the population. The image and the appeal of the historical scene is high and very sympathetic. This is proved by the many spectators at the individual events during the course of a season and the lively interest of the media. Many owners want to move the historical cars, often restored with a lot of love and high financial expenditure, “fast” yet certainly.

For this reason, a very large community of interest has emerged over the course of time, which raffles the right races according to the rules of the time and carries them out with great success. This “Historic Drivers’ Association”, which consists of active racing drivers, racing fans and supporters of the Historical Race, has been working since 1992 on the interests of the historical motorsport scene.

Since 1998, the Austrian scene has been enriched by a new attractive series. The Historischer Fahrergemeinschaft eV, headed by Michael Steffny and Christian Schallenberg, announces the “Histo Cup” for historic touring cars and GTs. Races are done with vehicles in different building years and displacement classes.

For the balance of the victories of all participants the overall classification is evaluated by year of construction and displacement classes. This means that even a vehicle with a smaller displacement has a chance of victory in the overall classification. In the first year won a cheeky Mini Cooper 1300 S, then a Ford Escort 1600 and RS2000 and a Ford Capri 1600 GT. The BMW 2002 was just as successful as the Lotus Elan or as recently a Mini Cooper S with 1000cc.

Eligible vehicles

All racing cars and GTs of the years up to 1971 (periods E, F and G) and up to 1981 (periods H and I), as well as “Young Timer” until 2001, are entitled to participate. The Historic Formula, the BMW 325 Challenge and the Classica Trophy Round round off the program of the Histo Cup.

Cars like Austin Mini Cooper S, Fiat Abarth, Ford Escort, Ford Capri, Ford Lotus Cortina, Alfa Romeo GTA, Alfasud Sprint, BMW 2002, the first BMW 320-4 and 3.0 CSL, Buckel “-Volvo P 544, Porsche 914 and 911, Austin Healey, Lotus Elan, MGA and MGB, etc., are competing in six classes for the coveted “Golden Pineapple” – a moving cup of real gold!

This series is characterized by its clear positioning:

  • 16 circuit races on 8 weekends per racing season for historical touring cars and GTs up to 1981/2001
  • simple class classification and fair grading system
  • high degree of safety through the modern racing circuits
  • honest sports, friendship and ambience are at the forefront
  • professional management and media support

The offer, the good organization and the marketing motivate many drivers to participate in the “Histo-Cup Austria”. At the big events at the Red Bull Ring and the Salzburgring approximately 300 participants are active.


With the “Histo Cup”, the HFG has created a racing series, which is a great pleasure for all involved, affordable and has become a very important and interesting partner for the economy. Due to the large number of starter fields and the attractiveness of the historic vehicles, the events are always in the interest of the media and the huge fan base.

On the racetrack there is a hard but fair fight for the positions. After the race, friendship and camaraderie is especially cultivated in the paddock. Thanks to the professional and above all continuous media work, the series also has an excellent media presence, which benefits all participants.

With the sponsors HANKOOK, BOSCH, RAVENOL, EBCONT, GREGER, LUNOS, RSC, JANSEN COMPETITION, BMW Premium Selection, BMW Driving Experience and MOBILEMOTIONS, the Histo Cup is well prepared for the coming years.

Since 2003, five to six 4-minute TV reports have been available on all private Austrian TV stations. Scene reports on Servus TV and ATV as well as on some German stations. Since 2017 we have our own livestream at the most important events. About 30 thousand viewers follow our races worldwide on the internet. The print media – magazines and daily press – are looked after by our own press department in a very proven way. Of course, the Histo Cup is also present in the “social media”.

If you are interested in our series, just send us your request. We will be happy to provide you with the latest information and look forward to welcoming you at one or the other event.