The racing series

The motorsport scene after the legendary time of the German racing championship (DRM) of the late 70s was replaced by the no less spectacular race series of the 80s and the 90s. The German Touring Car Championship was at that time the “non plus ultra” of the motorsports, alongside the long distance races and brand cups. The races of the “first” DTM, with the BMW M3, the Mercedes 190 Evo, the Alfa 155 and the Ford Sierras as well as the appearance of the Porsche Armada in the long distance races were really worth seeing.

History and regulations

In 2005 the racing series of the “Young-Timer” was founded in Austria. This was the right decision, because the Young Timers “boomed”.

Today well over 70 racing touring cars and GT’s from 1991 to 2006 are fighting for victory.

Driving is done according to the regulations of the former groups N and A. Improved touring cars are entered in the “STW” classification.

Further Details

The variety of racing cars, the spectacular driving style as well as the hot position battles make the Young Timers very popular with the audience. Due to the classification in classes, every vehicle can compete for the overall victory.

Hot motorsport, hard but fair fights on the track and friendship in the paddock are also a key success factor for the Young Timers.

Previous winners

2005 Georg Steffny Salzburg BMW 325i
2006 Gerald Fischer Niederösterreich BMW 335 STT
2007 Ossi JeneweinTirol Porsche 964 RS
2008 Alfred MannsbergerGraz Porsche 930
2009 Markus FinkOberösterreich BMW M3 E 30
2010 Markus FinkOberösterreich BMW M3 E 30
2011 Norbert LenzenwegerOberösterreich BMW M3 E 30
2012 Markus WeegeWien BMW M3 E 46 GTR
2013 Gustav EngljähringerOberösterreich Jaguar V8 Star
2014 Andreas Rehwald Bayern BMW M3 E 36
2015 Michael FischerNIederösterreich BMW M3 E 36
2016 Stephan PiepenbrinkBayern BMW M3 E 36
2017 Herbert LeitnerSalzburg Toyota Corolla
2018 Norbert GregerSalzburgBMW M3 E36
2019 Thomas Weberhofer SteiermarkOpel Omega V8 Star
2020Markus and Michael FischerNiederösterreichBMW M3 E46