The racing series

The “V8 Historic” will be held as part of the “STW”. Mainly American V8 race touring cars have driven themselves into the hearts of the fans with a beguiling sound. Here the Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros fight against Ford Mustangs, AC Cobras and Daytonas against the Pontiac Trans Am and Firebirds.

Sometimes the steady German Mercedes SLC and Porsche 928 are the tip of the scales.

The first winners were Gerhard Jörg (Chevrolet Corvette) and Hubert Färber (Ford Mustang 350). 2014 was the first time a “lady” won the V8-Historic with Amanda Hennessy!

In the last two years the German Franky Riedel with his Chevrolet Delago was the measure of all things.

Previous winners

2011 Hubert FärberDeutschlang Ford Mustang
ex aequo Gerhard JörgNiederösterreichChevrolet Corvette
2013Gerhard JörgNiederösterreichChevrolet Corvette
2014Amanda HennessyUSAChevrolet Corvette
2015Roger BolligerSchweizPontiac Trans AM
2016Astrid und Gerhard WitzanyDeutschlandFord Mustang
2017Franky RiedelDeutschlandChevrolet Delago
2018Franky RiedelDeutschlandChevrolet Delago
2019Franky Riedel DeutschlandChevrolet Delago
2020Astrid und Gerhard WitzanyDeutschlandFord Mustang