The racing series

The large number of former racing cars of group H were with the origin of the Histo Cup. The vehicles of the years 1951 to 1981 inclusive may be “improved” in many areas according to the “STW regulations”.

Under the bonnet, “more modern” technology may be used, the brakes may be improved but the historical appearance must be maintained.

Aerodynamic components such as spoilers and rear wings may only be used if these have already been used in that time – until 1985.

Previous Winners

2003 Dietmar OberdorferKärnten Alfa Romeo Giulia S
2004Michael SteffnySalzburg BMW 2002ti
2005 Christian Neunemann Deutschland Porsche 911 RS
2006 Norbert MüllerDeutschland Alfa Romeo GTV
2007 Christian Schneider Tirol Alfa Romeo GTV-6
2008 Christian SchneiderTirol Alfa Romeo GTV-6
2009 Willi Nemetz Niederösterreich BMW 2002 Gruppe 5
2009 Michael WidmannDeutschland Alfasud Sprint
2009 Christian NeunemannDeutschland Porsche 911 RS
2010 Michael SpaziererWien Ford Escort 1600
2011 Alexander Fojtik Wien Ford Escort Cosworth
2012 Norbert MüllerBayern Alfa Romeo GTV
2013 Robert EdenhoferBayern BMW 2002 16V
2014 Bernhard SchmidbauerBayern Opel Kadett GTE
2015 Albert GallersdörferBayern Opel Kadett GTE
2016 Alexander WechselberegerTirol Alfasud Sprint
2017 Johann RetschitzeggerOberösterreich Audi 80 Coupé
2018 Frank RiedelBayern Chevrolet Delago
2019 Walter SpattOberösterreich VW Golf GTI I
2020Roger BolligerSchweizPontiac Trans Am